​The gymnastics program at Wollondilly is run by the “Gymtastic Kids” team, please contact them directly for all enquiries and information. You are also welcome to come along on a morning or afternoon when classes are on and see what it’s all about.

Phone: 0408 203 468
Web: Gymtastic Facebook Page


KinderGym is Gymnastics Australia’s movement-based learning experience for young children and their caregivers. The KinderGym program is the first in a series of fundamental movement programs offered by Gymnastics Australia’s initiative, LaunchPad


GymFun is just that FUN! If kids are enjoying what they’re doing, they’re more likely to want to do it again… And again… And again! As long as they are safe and repeating skills / activities with great body control, we’re happy for kids to practise as much as they like!


As children develop their movement skills, we can begin to introduce activities that may be more specific to certain sports. Kids involved in GymSkills will improve their fitness but keeping fun in the mix is a priority


​Gymnastics for All is a sport for everyBODY, regardless of age, gender or ability. It is the perfect activity to prepare children for long-term participation in sport and develops vital life skills and can be the perfect way to get fit and strengthen your body with fun gymnastic skills