All applicants to the NSW Police Force will be required to undertake the Aquatic Rescue Sequence. The Sequence replaces the current 100 metre swim test certificate requirement.

We can conduct the test at Wollondilly Leisure Centre on weekdays, you will need to book a time with the swim school.


  • Book a Time with us ph: 4677 1251
  • Pay the $10 fee at reception (this covers pool entry an staff time)
  • Print the Certificate of Aquatic Rescue Proficiency form and bring it along
  • Bring your Drivers Licence as proof of ID
  • Bring Long pants and shirt (lightweight pants/ trousers or similar)


A current AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Teacher – eg: our learn to swim staff
The Aquatic rescue Sequence should take no more than 10 minutes. The sequence has been tested a number of times now and the slowest competent swimmer took 7 minutes to complete.
No, it is the applicants responsibility to turn up to the test with everything required to complete the test including the paperwork.
Continuously, for the purpose of this test means without stopping. The applicants must complete all tasks required without stopping, putting their feet down, grabbing the side or end of the pool. If they do stop they are considered not yet competent and need to book in to attempt the test again at another time.
Each applicant is allowed one attempt only per day.
The $10.00 fee includes pool entry and the AUSTSWIM Teachers time to conduct the assessment and fill out the paperwork.
Long pants and shirt (light weight pants/ trousers or similar). If the recruit turns up with the wrong clothing you should refuse to conduct the assessment.
A roughly 2kg dumbbell from the gym.
If you have any further questions relating to the process please contact the AUSTSWIM – NSW Business Centre on 02 9894 2077 or 1300 885 666 or the NSW Police Recruitment Branch on 1800 222 122